About Us

About Us


Swansea Association Independent Living (SAIL) CIC


  • SAIL is an organisation run entirely by disabled people working to eliminate the barriers preventing disabled people from living full and independent lives. As disabled people we believe that it is our environment, inflexible policies and services that cause disability and not medical impairment or health conditions.
  • SAIL has recently become a Community Interest Company whose main aim is to form Swansea’s first Centre of Independent Living (CIL)

Why a need for SAIL?

  • SAIL believes that disabled people are the experts in how to lead fulfilling independent lives.
  • Independence is based upon choice and control of the support and services we all need to have an active involvement in the life of our community.
  • SAIL provides the essential involvement of disabled people as stated in the Equality Duty 2010 as a voice and monitor of public sector services.

What SAIL is doing?

  • SAIL provides the fundamental training along Social Model principles that disabled people face physical and psychological barriers to inclusion in everyday life.
  • SAIL offers peer support through being an organisation of disabled people for disabled people. Training and advice on benefits and welfare as well as direct payment and social services assessments are current services already delivered.


  • To develop the voice of Disabled People living in Swansea and surrounding area.
  • To provide advocacy, welfare and benefit advice, training, planning and commissioning of social service provision.
  • To   promote the take up of direct payments.
  • To support and promote the meaningful involvement of disabled people in the life of the community.

SAIL Future plans

  • Short Term.
    • To increase SAIL’s Advice Line provision from one day to to two/three days per week
    • To provide Self Advocacy and disability equality skills training.
    • To run a user group of Direct payment employers in association with the Shaw Trust.
    • To work in association with Gwalia Housing association concerning all matters of Independent Living.
    • To work with Swansea University Disability Scheme under the Disability Equality Duty 2010.
  • Medium term plan
    • To establish a working partnership and support the Cwmbwrla Centre to become a pan disability support service.
    • To support and promote through advocates take up of Direct Payments among disabled people inSwansea.
    • To take a lead, short term, in the establishment of Swansea Citizens Alliance. With the purpose of establishing choice and control over the services offered to user led groups inSwansea.
  •  Long term Plan
    • To provide training for disabled people in commissioning social services support. Planning from the very beginning therefore in choice and responsibility for our own life chances.
    • To train SAIL members in self advocacy to work along side social services in design of a supported self assessment.
    • To run the Direct Payment support services currently offered by the Shaw Trust.
    • To lead SAIL members toward employability in a wider social enterprise inSwansea.

Legal Structure

  • Swansea Association Independent Living (SAIL) CIC is a Community Interest Company with 3 Directors
  • SAIL CIC Directors 
    • Celia Saywell (Human Resources)
    • Kat Watkins (Secretary)
    • Mike Ward (Treasurer)
    • SAIL CIC Development Officer
    • Andrew Hubbard
  • External Advisors
    • Beverley Fernley (DIALUK)
    • Paul Swann (Disability Wales)
    • Elinor Evans (SCVS)